Study Area

The College library has a wide study area for the students with a seat capacity of 60 students and 15 faculty members at a time.

Reference Section

The college library has a separate reference section for rare and latest edition of books which are available on the reading room for the students to study. These books are not available for issue.

WI-FI Access

The library facilitates Wi-Fi access for improving the learning process. It helps in smooth.

Mobile Library

The library provides a dedicated mobile library service in the villages adopted by the college and other areas in the locality. It is an attempt of the institution to develop reading habits among the people which also in a way contributes to the information literacy of these people. Books are delivered at the doorsteps of the people and in due time the books are collected from the doorsteps itself.

Book Bank

There is a provision of ‘Book Bank’ facility for the students belonging to the economically weaker section. Through this facility, eligible students can borrow a limited number of books for an entire semester.

Library Card

The college library provides a library card to the students for the purpose of smooth functioning of the various library related activities.

Separate Digital Library

The College has a separate digital library with 11 computers for the students and faculty members.

E-Contents Membership

Library is a member of the N-LIST. The library has an internet facility through which the E-resources can be accessed. Students and faculty can access more than 100000 e-books and more than 5000 e-journals available in the N-LIST database.