Department of History

Vision/ Mission of the Department:
In order to improve the strength and quality of the History department, the department prepared a ‘Vision Plan’ in a staff meeting of the department which was held on 17th April, 2013. The teachers of the department have thoroughly examined the weakness and opportunities of the department and on the basis of that chalked out some plans and programmes to meet the challenges of time.
The main objective of the ‘vision plan’ of the department is to attain a sustainable growth of the department through implementation of realistic plans and programmes. Achievements of the goals will strengthen the department to meet the requirement of time.


  1. To popularize historical studies, Quiz programmes, essay writing, extempore speech etc. will be organized among school children in topics related to history.
  2. To explore, collect and preserve various handwritten religious texts, family history etc. written in Sachi leaves and believed to be still available in some selected household of the area.
  3. Career guidance and counseling programmes will be organized particularly for History student.
  4. To conduct history classes in neighboring high schools.

The department of History, Jhanji HNS College has been an integral part of Jhanji H N S College since 1964, the year the College itself came into being. Since then the department has been associated with the noble task of imparting education in History and has shown very good performance in teaching. Late prof. Tarun Chandra Baruah, who joined the college on 1st July, 1964 was the first full time teacher of the department who was also first Vice-Principal of this college. At the initial stage, only Pre-University (present Higher Secondary) and B.A. (Pass) course were offered by this department under Dibrugarh University. From the session 1990, B.A.(Major)course was introduced in this department.

Faculties of the department:
The History Department has a good, sympathetic and supportive faculty, who are accessible to the students anytime during the college working hours. Outside college working hour’s students can contact teachers on phone, e-mail and by other social media. At present, the department has three full time teachers. They were—I) Mr.Sagidul Haque Borbora, M.A.; M.Phil. (joined 5th August, 1991), Associate Professor& Head of the department; II) Mr.Sunanda Das, M.A. (joined 11th Oct. 1999), Asso. Prof. and III) Mr. Tirtha Boruah M.A.; M.Phil. (Joined 1st August, 2000) Asst. Prof. (Sl. Grade).
In spite of their heavy schedule of teaching and other duties in the college, most of the faculty members are engaged in research works, as evidenced by good publications of books, articles and research papers, attendance at conferences, workshops and seminars in the state and outside the state.
Special care is taken to collect personal data by talking to each student individually so that individual attention can be paid depending on requirement (economically or academically). Special attention is offered to weak students from under-privileged background.

Special presentation of the department:
A continuous counseling of students on academic and career related matters. Senior teachers of other department are also available for counseling on personal problems if the need arises. The department boasts of a healthy student teacher relationship, with teacher being always accessible to students and students reciprocating the attention by spontaneous love and respect. This spirit is celebrated in the annual Field Study Tour cum picnic of the department which is attended by most of the student and the faculty of the department with their family. The department arranged every year a one day, some time two days field study tour to a historical place within the state of Assam and after the tour the students (Major Classes) were required to submit a field study report.

BURANJI CHARA (History Forum)

In 2009, ‘Buranji Chara’ (History Forum) was formed in order to carry out all the student related activities of the department. The department under the banner of the ‘Buranji Chara’ organizes time to time Special Lectures on history related topics or on current national / international issues. To deliver these lectures, some local prominent academicians are generally invited. The department, under the banner of ‘Buranji Chara’ also brings out its Wall Magazine entitled ‘OITIJYA’ annually. The wall magazine first published in September, 2009 and begs third prize in the wall magazine competition held among the various departments of the college. The magazine also begs prizes in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015. In 2015-16, ‘Oitijya’ received two prizes, one for Second Best Wall Magazine and other was First Prize for Documentation.