Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College Museum

The Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College Museum was established on 2015, within the college premises. It holds under its possession various historical, traditional and novel items which are used as teaching aid by the various departments of the college. These collections serve as a valuable research resource from the academic perspective. From the student’s perspective, museum performs both leisure as well as learning function, developing their visual literacy, critical thinking and creative skills. The museum is open for students from Wednesday to Saturday every week after 2 pm. It is conducted by Department of Assamese. They are guided by the museum in charge and proper record is maintained for the same. The museum was renovated in the year 2020 under the local MLA fund. Few of the famous items available are as follows:

Folk musical instrument
Old Manuscripts
Paper currency of different countries
Wooden utensils
Materials made of bamboo
Brass and bell utensils
Folk mask art
Weaving tools
Fishing tools
Brass made worshipping tools
Ceramic Art
Antique Calling bell, alarm clock, wall clock
Earthen lamp
Brass lamp
Traditional clothing items belonging to different culture.