Department of Education

The college was established in the year 1964. The Subject, education was introduced simultaneously in Pre-degree and Degree courses in the year 1965. There was only one student in the first year of degree course offering education as elective subject. She was Miss Sajida Begum.

Vision: The vision of the department is to impart quality education to make the student knowledgeable, efficient and skillful manpower.

Mission: In order to achieve the above vision, the department organise all the departmental works systematically such as

  • Arrangement of class routine
  • Unit distribution among the teachers
  • Preparation of the action plan of the education forum

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the department is to impart quality education to make the students knowledgeable and skillful manpower. The department is also try to aware the students about the current educational issues of global, national as well as regional. The effort was taken to prepare the students for building their carrier for the future. Sometimes seminars, workshops and special talks are arrange to make aware the students regarding socio-economic issues and address their measures. Moreover the department also tries to encourage the students to take active participation in co-curricular activities through “Education Forum”.

Psychological Laboratory
The department has a psychological laboratory with essential apparatus for conducting psychological experiments as per the syllabus of Dibrugarh University.

Departmental Mini Library

The department has a “Departmental Mini Library” consisting 0f 255 nos. of books. The students can borrow the books from library and return it in stipulated times.

Departmental Publications

Wall magazine (2 nos.)

  1. Pratuyash (Published on the occasion of Teacher’s Day 5th September every year)
  2. Mahasweta (Published on the occasion International Women Day, 8th March)

Education Forum

Education forum had been set up in 1992 with the head of the department as president, other lectures of the department as advisers. From among the students there is one secretary, one assistant secretary, one treasure and other students of the department of education are the members of the forum. The objectives of the Forum is to develop the creative abilities of the students in both scholastic and non scholastic area by encouraging them to arrange seminars, debating and other co-curricular activities in the forum.

Activities of the Forum:

  1. Arrange educational tour every year.
  2. Published two numbers of Departmental Wall magazine every year
  3. Organize Essay competitions among the students etc.