Department of Sociology

Vision: The department wants to provide quality education, fabric knowledge and to create an awareness among all sections of society reaching out especially to socio economics and educationally disadvantaged.
Mission : The Mission of the department is to create confident, honest and sociable individuals who become assets of society. The faculty members are especially committed to students from economically weaker backgrounds and provide all the possible help for their upliftment.

History of the Department

Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College has introduced ‘Sociology’ as an academic discipline in the year 1971. The pioneer teacher with whom the subject has been introduced was Sri Ananda Boruah. After him, Mrs. Sarumoti Hazarika, Mr. Prabhat Kr. Borthakur and Bonti Saikia joined and took the responsibility of the department. At present, Mr. Kundil Kr. Mudoi, (Vice-Principal) Dr. Birinchi Kr. Borah and Dr.Santana Dutta has been serving as permanent teacher of the department. From the session 1995-96, the department introduced major course to meet the growing demand of the student. Now, the department is recognized as a rich department in perspective of student’s strength as well as results.

Class Guide Mentors

The department used class guide mentor system to give support to the students wherever necessary. All the faculty members continuously observing the family background and environment, psychological makeup of the students through teacher- parents interaction, students’ interaction and also physical observation in the residential areas of the students. The department identified certain criteria regarding this issue, such as, financially poor, family disturbance, locationally disadvantageous, psychologically depressed and slow learner. To meet this problem the department, provide financial assistance to the poor and needy students, give proper suggestion to the parents, and also through counselling to the students.