Department of Assamese

Vision of the department:

  1. To the Study of the Assamese Language, Literature and Culture.
  2. To promote the development of students through the study of various aspects of language, literature and culture and to emphasize the collection, preservation and dissemination of valuable books or work of art.
  3. To progress and develop the Assamese language, literature and culture as a whole, and to keep a good relationship with other language, culture and literature.
  4. To keep the originality of our language and literature, which differs from any socio-political entity.

Mission of the department:

  1. Publishing books by the current and the former faculty members, publishing books on other important topics. Involvement of Students in publishing magazine and books.  Publication of curriculum  related books.
  2. To preserve heritage recourses and introduce these to the new generation through establishment of museum and research centre.
  3. Involvement of Students in Educational Tours, field studies, Conversation and interaction with major writers, researchers and linguists, discussion sessions, lecture series, workshop, seminar, preparation of research papers and creative writings.
  4. Enrich the Departmental library by collecting the important books and necessary references for good academic environment.
  5. Certificate courses like DTP in Assamese and Mass Media are introduced for skill enhancement and career development of the students.
  6. Teachers of the department are involved in research, creative writings and published books.

The Department of Assamese of Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College was established in1964 along with the foundation of the college. In the beginning the subjects MIL, Alternative Assamese and Assamese Second Language were introduced in Pre University Classes in the faculty of Arts, when the college was affiliated to Gauhati University. In 1965, the College was affiliated to Dibrugarh University and the Graduate level courses had been introduced. Honours in Assamese was started under the Dibrugarh University in 1969. In 1965, Late Chitralata Phukan had joined as a faculty of Arts. Late Nabin Gogoi, former Head of the Department of Assamese, JB College, jorhat served as Honorary Faculty of the Department of Assamese as well as Late Shivanath Sarmah contributed his teaching experience through the Department of Assamese. After that, Late Jatin Borah, Sri Bhabani Kumar Boruah and Late Dr. Jagannath Mahanta joined in the Department respectively in the years 1966, 1968 and 1972. In 1977, Late Dr. Usharani Baruah joined in the department but resigned her post in 1982.  Sri Jogen Baruah, Former Professor of Teok CKB College served in this department as a part time faculty. Joined as a principal in the college in 1967 till the retirement time, Late Shivanath Sarmah contributed as a Faculty in this Department. In 1982, Sri Chandan Dutta, in 1993 Smti Navanita Bora, in 1997 Late Sanjib Kumar Dutta joind in the Department of Assamese. Sri Chandan Dutta has already been retired from this institution as Vice Principal and Sanjib Kr. Dutta expired during his service period in 2021. Presently, Smti Navanita Bora, Dr. Promod Ch. Das, Sri Jibamoni Nath, Sri Upen Ch. Das and Dr. Montu Kumar Borah have been working in the department.

Departmental Library :

The Departmental library was established in 2003 and Mr. Jibamoni nath, Assistant Professor was appointed as Librarian, although the whole staff of the department offer helping hand to conduct the library related work properly. The library has more than 650 books on language, literature and culture. A Registered book is maintained properly for issuing the library books to students and the faculty.

Sahitya Chora : Asomiya Bibhag (Literary Forum : Assamese Department) :

Under the guidance of departmental teachers, Sahitya Chora was established in 2002 and  Sri Bhabani Kumar Boruah, the then Head of the Department was selected as president of the Chora. It is mandatory that every student of the department will be the member of the Chora.  The Chora organises the Lecture Series, Workshop, National, State level Seminar and Student Seminar, Field Study to the important places and spots, Discussion Programme, Interaction Programme  from time to time. The Chora has taken these programmes in every year on some selected topics for academic enhance for the greater benefit of students as a whole.

Ankur : Ankur is an annual magazine of the Department of Assamese, which has been published since 2004. So far, fifteen issues of the magagine have been published. These issues are edited by the students as practice work under the supervision of faculty members. The first and second issues of this magazine were published as handwritten.

Surujmukhi: Surujmukhi is an annual Wall magazine published from the Sahitya Chora of the Department. So far, Nineteen issues  have been published.

Museum : A museum under the Department of Assamese has been established in 2015. It was renovated with the funding of the Honourable MLA Sri Pradip Hazarika in 2021, where some important antique forms of Assamese culture and traditions are preserved for the benefits of the students and teaching community.