Department of Political Science

The department of Political Science has been playing an active role to reach the primary objective of higher education and the vision of the college since its inception. The department was started with the establishment of the institution in the year of 1964. In beginning the department was run with two teachers Mr. Umesh Chandra Thakur and Mr. Badan Konwar. Major course of political science was introduced in the year 1995 and appointed Ms. Manurima Bhagwati as new teacher of the department by creating a non-sanction post. After the retirement of Mr. Umesh Chandra Thakur and Mr. Badan Konwar, Manurima Bhagwati and Mr. Bijoy Phukon was appointed against the sanction post in 2000. In the yeas 2003 a sanction post was converted from the Department of Education to the Department of Political Science of the college and Mr. Basanta Handique was appointed against the post. Considering the requirement of department, the authority has been appointing teachers from time to time on contractual basis. Ms Anima Borgohain, Mr. Mahan Ranjan Dutta, Surabhi Tanti, Amal Krishna Dutta, Debashree Dutta, Bornali Sarmah, Rimpi Nath served the department as contractual teacher in different time.

Vision of the Department
All round development of the student community and contributing towards the development of the institution.

Mission of the Department
The mission of the department is to develop the skill and logical reasoning of the student and teaching them for better understanding about the political, cultural values, ideology and system.

Departmental Forum
The Departmental forum of the Department of Political science was established in 2008. Many activities have been done under the forum relating to student's all round development. The department has been organizing programmes like political awareness, Health and hygiene for the benefit of student community. The department has also been conducting inter-departmental talk, educational tour and field studies. Programmes like Constitution Day, National Unity Day have been observing under the banner of the departmental forum.

Departmental Library
The departmental has a library with 520 book and journals. the library has been serving to the students for their academic upliftment of the student. the books were collected for different publishers and donated by the faculty members.