Mechanism for Slow and Advance Learner

      Every year the college organises orientation/counselling programme at the beginning of the session for newly admitted students. The parents of students are also invited in that programme so that students as well as parents also get familiar with the college, Courses, Curricular and co-curricular activities, facilities, Rules and Regulations of the College. Students are admitted to the course on the merit basis through centralised admission process in both Arts and Commerce stream. The learning ability and catching capacity of every student is different. Therefore, the College recognises the Advanced and slow learner to take care of both types of students.

Mechanismfor identifying Advanced and Slow learner
      To access the learning ability of every student, the college conducts Examinations according to Dibrugarh University academic calendar. Based on the secured marks, Students are identified as advanced and slow learners. Students are also assed through regular teaching in class room, group discussion, seminar presentation etc. The college appoints mentor for every student for guidingthem.

(i) Special care for advanced learner:

• Teachers take special classes for advance learner whenever required.
• Faculties encourage students for scholarship.
• Faculty provides them additional reference books.
• Students are also provided opportunities to develop their creativity by participating in Departmental seminar and other co-curricular activities like wall- magazine, performing different cultural activities in functions held in College.
• Students are provided opportunities to develop their managing and organizing capacity by organizing Departmental lecture programme.

(ii) Special care for slow learner:

• Faculty provides special classes and tutorials for them to clarify doubts; critical topics are re-explained for better understanding.
• Regularly try to motivate and counsel them by class teacher and also monitor their attendances and marks obtained in test exam.
• Faculty conducts additional test for them.
• Assignments and homework are given to them for engaging them in study.
• Remedial classes and additional classes are provided to the students.