Department of Economics

The Department of Economics of  Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College is one of the oldest departments established simultaneously with College on 25th July 1964.  Late Kirti Chandra Dutta was the founder teacher of the department. Later on, late Horinarayan Agarwala joined the department on 1st January 1967. Dr. Anil Kr. Gogoi and Girin Swarnakar joined in the year 1975 which made the department a vibrant one in the college. As Sjt. Swarnakar left the college after being appointed as an officer in the District Planning Department, Govt. of Assam, Sri Bireswar Neog joined in that vacant post in 1979.  As being elected as a member of the Assam Legislative Assembly, Sjt. Kirti Chandra Dutta took lien in 1983. Mrs. Mirabala Bora joined the department in that lien post. After completion of his term as MLA, Sjt. Dutta again joined the department on 11th November, 1991. Mrs Bora's post has been sanctioned later on. Later on, other teachers namely Debaswar Bora, Mrs. Minati Gogoi, Debajeet Sharma, Arup Das, Abotani Doley and Miss Nirmali Borkakoty joined the department. Few of the teachers, namely, Debaswar Bora, Arup Das and Abotani Doley left their service in the college as they have been appointed in other departments of the state government.

To meet the growing demand of the students and fulfil the needs of the hour, the department started its honours course in 1975. Since 2002, the department has been offering Post Graduate Course in Economics in distance mode under the Directorate of Distance Education, Dibrugarh University

The department of Economics formed the “Arthaniti Vikash Chora” on 19th September 2003 under the chairmanship of Sjt. Bireswar Neog. Sri Simanta Dutta, a student of B.A. 2nd Year, became the first secretary of the chora. The Arthaniti Vikash Chora took initiative in launching a wall magazine “Uttaran” annually from 2009. “Uttaran” became the platform for the students as well as the teachers in expressing their views on various socio-economic activities as well as creative writing.

The departmental library was started in 2002. Students as well as teachers of the department contributed a lot to form the library. The present strength of books in the departmental library stands at 180.