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ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on Exploring Shankerdeva's Influence on Modern Assamese Literature

Shankardeva, a 15th century saint-scholar, has had a profound influence on modern Assamese literature. Shankardeva’s legacy extends for beyond his own time, profoundly shaping modern Assamese literature. His teachings and writings on devotion, love and social reform continue to inspire contemporary authors, poets and playwriters. His emphasis on devotion, love and social reform resonates in modern themes and narratives. His works, including the Bhagavata Purana and the Kirtana Ghosa, continue to inspire contemporary writers and poets. Many Assamese writers such as Lakshminath Bezbaruah, Dr Banikanta Kakati, Dr Lakhinandan Bora, Homen Borgohain and Dr Hiren Gohain etc have drawn upon Shankardeva’s ideas and ideals in their works reflecting his impact on the literacy landscape of Assam. Exploring Shankardeva's influence offers valuable insights into the evolution of Assamese literature and its ongoing engagement with the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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